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If you're looking for aerial, indoors or ground video footage, striking promotional content to attract audiences, or simply stunning photographs ideal for personal collections, business profiles or social media then please get in touch for a no obligation quote. Fully insured with very competitive fees. ** NEW SERVICE OFFERED** .. In need of aerial images of a roof that has become damaged or in need of attention or simply to check on blocked gutters etc then I am now able to offer this! .. The tiny discreet drone is an ideal way of providing stunning images close up in a fast,cost effective and safe way. Ideal to pass on to contractors or insurance companies prior to any work being carried out without the need of ladders or scaffolding beforehand.

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When 'The Boat Club' Poole took a river cruise to the Priory Hotel, Wareham.
Footage captured by myself by drone.
Hi there!, I'm Martin

With my love of photography and and video content creating I spend much of my time exploring the great outdoors gathering photos and footage to produce engaging social media and website reels for private clients and businesses alike.

With a keen eye for detail and different perspectives both from the air and on the ground the saying "A picture tells a thousand words" certainly runs true!

Whether it be an Instagram reel, a stunning visual for your website or simply as a treasured momento of that special moment then I'm able to tailor to your specific needs.

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Capture the Moment with videos & photography
A Picture tells a thousand words!

What equipment is used?

Today's technology has come on leaps and bounds.
Over the years I have learnt that with a top end mobile phone & a keen eye, the phone camera is more than capable of taking fantastic stills particularly when edited in Adobe Photoshop.

For the air I use a small drone that is able to produce amazing quality video to 4k resolution (more than enough for websites and social media)
Being below 250g allows much more flexibility within the rules allowing it to be used in more varied locations.

For ground level video footage, a small camera is used. With resolution up to 5.2k and 120 frames/sec this camera has it all!
Slow motion shots are incredible and with 10-bit colour, the colours and quality look fantastic.
Combined with a handheld gimbal for improved stability during moving shots the footage is simply stunning.
  • Corfe Castle, Wareham, Dorset, UK

If I am unable to respond straight away, please be assured I will get back to all enquiries a.s.a.p